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Communication between brands and consumers was never more important and influencing than right now. Instead of investing heavily in the conventional advertisement platforms companies rely on things like focus group insights to understand what makes their ideal consumer happy. Shockingly enough, many focus group research providers are still stuck in physical rooms! But many choose the digital path.

Client Info

HatchTank platform empowers researchers to do their best work; connecting with consumers in a familiar way to achieve actionable results for clients.

HatchTank Mobile App

The Challenge

The client had a set of outdated mobile applications and legacy infrastructure that didn't let them fully use the mobile market potential due to limited user experience and lack of iterative design and engineering process. We were invited to consult the product development and take advantage of the latest mobile operating systems' capabilities to increase mobile users involvement.

HatchTank Mobile App

The Solution

The updated iOS and Android applications feature a set of highly-engaging qualitative and qualtitative research tools and a workflow directed to maximize the efficiency of data gathered from consumers to produce the most accurate and powerful insights possible.

prefer the apps over the web version
are spoken by the participants
Communicative and creative, Orbitum Labs is a success-oriented partner. The team's innovative approach resulted in an enhanced UX and a higher level of usage.
Shamsu Bhaidani
CEO, HatchTank

Product Info

HatchTank application brings focus group research from old-fashioned rooms to wherever customers are, staying with them all the time. Researchers can use 15+ tools from simple open ended questions to the most popular quant questions and advanced interactive questions such as collages, card and photo sorts. Participants can interact with each other or take part in one-on-one interviews.

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